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REVOLseam PRO is a revolutionary seaming system made by DutchLock Adhesives, specifically for stone professionals. The REVOLseam PRO system is designed to save time, reduce waste and take the guesswork out of the hand-mixing adhesive process. The color muse device and app quickly displays the best possible matches to stone, quartz, and other slab materials. DutchLock hand-mix formulas and cartridge matches are also readily available for a perfect match mixed on the first try. Color matches can also be found by brand name and color with our color charts

The DutchLock SeamLock PRO cartridges feature a dripless formula and are perfect for field seams and installations.

REVOLseam PRO packaging is designed to make mixing on the fly possible. Hardner and pigments are available in an easy-to-dispense, premeasured pump packaging. Resins are sold in bulk as well as in easy-to-handle and pour bags. Additional seaming solution products are also available from DutchLock Adhesives. Contact us today to revolutionize your seaming process.

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